Hello everyone.

I want a map like wasteland (see following article).
I also want to ask if I could get this model.

Thank you for your answers.


PS : Sorry, i’m french, and I wanted to translate, I made ​​a bad translation: /

Can you please speak English so that other people can understand you too?

Speak le English



You should probably post this in the requests section.

That looks too polite, are you sure it’s real French?

(excuse my broken french, im guessing you can get the gist anyway)

La forum par vous Anglais. Ne par francais.

Nous ne parlons pas le francais.

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canada hell yeah

No Hablo Espanol

He wants the wasteland map from MW2.



Yes, that’s it. I’ve seen people make screenshots with the map wasteland, so I wonder if it is release. :slight_smile:

Wait…if you know how to speak English, than why did you even write the original post in French?

A request for a model in the mapping section, and a request for a map in the wrong section.


broken english bro.

Why is everyone being so rude to him just because his native language isn’t English.

Because he decided to come onto an English speaking forum and ask us in French despite the fact that everything is obviously in English. Someone actually gave him a translation to use a few posts afterward, we’re being perfectly kind.

And I didn’t think were being that rude, despite the jokes.