Wastelander in trouble

A wastelander decides on whether this was a good idea or not.

Keep in mind I have a shitty graphics card, and no access to photoshop and programs of the like.
Hope you like it at least =)

A pretty good idea (the one you used for the screenshot that is, not the wastelander’s to go in). I like the faceposing and posing, but not the wooden weapon buttstock. They just don’t belong into the HL2 universe IMHO.

Also, a decent graphics card is almost a must for decent screenshots. With you, there is certainly potential going to waste because of that. Editing is desirable too, but I myself don’t have it either (not saying I’m too magnificent a poser, though).

I like the scrap lying around, did you place them yourself? look very random and unorganized, i know that’s hard to do on purpose. The unscathed lamps seem odd though, especially since they’re clean too, and on in broad daylight.

Well for the gun, I was either going to use an AK47, or the STG, I went with the STG because of Fallout 3’s setting of a '50s era America, the STGs age (despite being a German gun, and not American) seemed to fit better. As for the garbage, yes I did place them there myself. And in response to the unscathed lights, and related, just came with the map, I didn’t really think about messing with them.

Oh, you can’t “mess with them”, and in that case i can’t blame you. if you were to sometime come to (be able to) edit this or get it edited by someone, that’s something you should try to remedy.

Meh, AK47 is a Russian gun, not much of an improvement in terms of logical placement. I don’t mind the wooden buttstock then, if it’s not supposed to be HL2, just borrowing models from it.

Yeah, I needed a roughed-up looking character to fit the roll of the Wastelander, and a HL2 Rebel fit this position very well. Any other ragdoll I could’ve used would either be too clean to be in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, or just plain unfitting. Imagine if I decided to use a Gears of War Theron Guard instead XD

Guy needs to use a grenade.

guy needs a ghoul mask

Guy needs Ol’ painless.