WasteLander standing over his supper.




It’s pretty nice

If he’s wearing Vault 101 security armor, he’s not a wastelander…

Unless he killed the person wearing the 101 security guard armor…:smug:…

I like it :3:

Vault Escapee

He’s in the wasteland, he’s a wastelander.

"Damn, that mole looks tasty"

Nice pic :slight_smile:

The dodging and burning is excessive and random. Looks very unrealistic.

I know what you mean, but in a way… i kinda like it like that.

Wastelanders are people that live in the wastes, and have done so their entire lives, pretty much.

The PCs in the Fallout games were just dudes that left the vault for whatever reason, more wanderers than anything.

hurr lets rate me dumb

Though I have never been exposed to any Fallout, he seems awfully well-dressed for his title.

Give me a good model that fits the title better, and i’ll happily use it.

in Fallout 3 you can wear snazzy suits, if that isn’t well dressed then we may as well run around naked.

So Deathclaws can one hit kill us of course.

I like the lighting and the detail popping out of it.

The model looks fine to me, don’t listen to them. His expression is perfect although the wastelander’s editing is a little off. You did a much better job of editing the mole rat.

You didn’t even come from a Vault in Fallout 2 or Tactics. Besides, while the PCs of 1 and 3 do leave their Vaults, they are ultimately exiled forever. To varying extents, you can even make certain settlements your character’s home and forget about whatever obligations they have to saving the Vault or dealing with their obvious daddy issues.

Looks like he has downs syndrome, kind of a boring pose, I HAET CUSTOM MODELZ and you should use faceposer

Someone started playing FO3 again…

At least I did :science:

But as Chesty said, the burning looks a bit random and is uneven in places

It is faceposed.

Anyway, whats with the box’s?