Wastland biome

I like the idea of a wasteland biome (in addition to the current ones), radiation ridden where you can live, but you have to import everything and wear a rad suit constantly

And bring back survival - including radiation (remember that!?), not more guns etc and fluff content pls!

The twist:
Hazmat suits now have their own inventory slots and do stack with armor and regular clothing, and it is only obtainable via blueprints which are incredibly hard to come by and only craftable using rare materials obtained through quarry (which has been reworked completely to only run at 5% speed with LGF or oil and only runs at full speed with helicopter fuel)

The wasteland is also home to all of the army’s old base which is why the area was nuked in the first place, and this is where you will encounter armed npc’s who are going to absolutely wreck your shit if you disturb when in their work, which is extracting what i can only assume is worth going into a radiated hell after.

Also included in the wasteland we have actual zombies, who hunt in actual packs and do actual damage. And no these are not slow during day time, in fact, they too are going to wreck your shit regardless of what time it is.
And i guess bears.

the end

I like this idea. The irradiated zones would be full of enemies and very dangerous to travel into. Special suits would be needed and certain materials could only be found in radiation zones (uranium for makeshift nukes? other rare earths to make circuit boards? army bases full of loot and mutated enemies? all of the above?).

This is a great expansion on rad towns, I think, and makes sense.

I am sure Garry and his team have seen me post this before, and the community always disagrees with me, but the balance of power needs to be kept in check somehow, and maybe these zones could level out the threats from other players with equal threats from the island itself. Sure, grouping up should make the game a little easier and have its conveniences, but I don’t think they should be allowed to dominate the whole server, its not good for longevity and makes the game not fun to play. Inb4"gitgudskrub"