Wat is PHX3 and how does I install

I got on server and I saw error and my PC crash but I herd I shuld get PHX3. where I download for free and fast cuz my mom kicks me of PC in 30 minuts
don’t ban me im just new

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omg noob u shudnt get if off garrysmod.com my brotha says u so noob how I use SVN

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Since I can’t use the search (Curse you Garry!) I’ll reccomend that you start to google PHX3 and look for how to install it using Svn. It’s going to be a long process, since your probably new at it - but I hope you figure it out. If you need more help you can PM me and I’ll get you through whatever I can.

I didn’t say I recommended downloading it from garrysmod.org. Now that you insulted me, in a lame way, you will get no further help.

  1. Goto http://glua.net
  2. Click downloads.
  3. Download the PHX svn zip file.
  4. Place in /garrysmod/addons.
  5. Enjoy PHX models and materials in game.


I know this isnt SVN but its updated once a day, and PHX is updated like once a month.

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Thanks - I didn’t even know about this website - it’s been so long since I last played Garrysmod.

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<Sigh> I’ll give you an answer. PHX3 is Phoenix Storms V3. It’s a useful prop pack that contains things like flat plates boxes, and other stuff like that. They are all on a certain scale so they align perfectly, which is what makes them so great. It is usually available from an SVN download, but you can get a perfectly working pack from the fromt page of www.garrysmod.org. Usually there is a readme in the file you download. Plus, all GMOD addons should be free. If they are charging you for them, just find a different site. www.garrysmod.org is the best place to get addons. Hope that helps.

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