Constructive criticism is welcome.

directed by michael bay

i lol’d

where are the explosions then

onto C&C:

you put the character in the middle of the picture to give it some focus. that’s good, too bad there’s a lot of wasted, empty space on both edges. crop that out

random blurring looks ugly; if you want us to focus on the hand in the foreground, use super DoF

max your graphics settings, i can see aliased edges

random, weird faceposing is frowned upon here. don’t do that

the pose/scene in general has no point. what’s he doing there, what’s he looking at, and why?

Put this sort of this into troll poses, it really isn’t thread worthy.

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I smell a transformation thread

That was a short career.

Are you Deviantart?

In cooperation with J. J. Abrams

Those gentlemen above you tried really hard to save your thread, you know…