Watch Dogs model porting?

Alright, so I recently came into possession of a better tower and thus have been able to play Watch Dogs, and I’m wondering if there has been any progress on model porting from that game since it came out. The last threads about it that I remember seeing were from half a year ago and hadn’t seen much activity since, so sorry if this thread annoys any of the mods.

For the record I’m not looking to get anything super-complex, just the raw geometry and textures of a few select vehicle models for personal purposes. Any information would be most appreciated. Thanks.

rip watchdogs (2014 - 2014)

I’m assuming that’s a no then? I remember you were working on some sort of importer but then your computer died or something. Kind of a shame too, since that game has some gorgeous models.

I gave up sort of after all that, like I have the code still for the tool but its a mess and really not worth looking into

Damn. Well, at least you tried, man. That’s more than a lot of people can say.

K here is the tool I salvaged from last year read the text file in the zip :slight_smile:

Usage goes something like this

("Usage: wd_geotool -f={format} -m path/to/model/file.xbg path/to/outputfolder")
("Options: --v (Verbose Mode)")
("Export Formats: f=obj f=smd")
("Example: wd_geotool --v -f=obj -m O:/RamBox/modelsrc/Aiden.xbg O:/RamBox/modelsrc/output")
("Example's output Aiden.obj will be created in path  {O:/RamBox/modelsrc/output/} ")

rip watch_dogs

Thanks man! I’ll see what I can do here. If I get any progress it’ll be in the ports/hacks thread.