Watch out for Server "US Rust PVP Official"

Just a warning to players the amount of admin abuse on this server is ridiculous. Transporting into your house, saying they need to check and make sure everything is good and than raiding it not too much longer with a group of 6, placing charges on the walls that lead right to your loot. Also spawning in charges for there raiding group. Servers like this will ruin the community before we get to a full release. Say anything and you get a ban and told they made the server to play with friends, they do what they want.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

I have been on this server and i saw the argument myself and the guy is a complete idiot. The admins were actually checking for duping because someone had said they knew someone who was duping. The Lightning guy is mad because of the drop party the server had and he did not make it in time to get the drops. This server is great so don’t listen to this guy.