Watch out for sheldon, hes a hacker

While waiting for some charcoal to cook in my base, another person in my group (snoopy) said they saw a person outside, it was sheldon. Sheldon managed to get a shot in on snoopy, who hid behind a wall, then used 2 medkits to heal. Sheldon managed to get a headshot on snoopy and kill him, while he was inside, behind a wall. i then proceeded to jump out of my house and run over to the barricades where sheldon was, but by then he was running in the entrance. As i was running to the entrance, sheldon came around the corner and 2 shot headshotted me with an m4. i respawned, ran out of my house, and he headshotted me from somewhere i couldnt see with an m4. i ran out again, i managed to get one hit on him with a hatchet and then he 2 shot headshotted me with an m4. Ran out again, but this time from the second level, i jumped down on top of him and was running all around trying to hatchet him, when he got a 2 shot headshot with an mp5, the same thing happened 2 more times before he ran off.

Now some of you might be like, “OMG WTF YOURE JUST MAD HE KILLED YOU”

Fucking no. Ive been killed plenty of times on this game and i dont care. But when someone hacks and kills you, it just pisses you off.

Im gonna get a ton of follow-up posts saying i just need to shut up and stop whining, but you need to show me someone who isnt hacking that can get, 3 headshots, with an m4 from right up close, and then another 3 headshots, with an mp5 from up close and far away, ALL of them using only two shots each time.

Fucking hackers dont deserve this game.

You got headshotted from someone up close and call them a hacker for it? I think you are grasping at straws when you call him a hacker.

Not just up close, up close and farish away, while running around and jumping, and they nailed every single shot they took into my head. Thats hacking

any video proof?


Whatever, i guess this is fucking pointless. Mrx5001 hacks around the game and everyone says hes hacking but nobody does anything about it.

The game is in alpha. I’m sure hacking is the last thing on anyone’s mind. It will be dealt with in time