Watch out, guys!

Using gmcl_sdef2 is now bannable apparently. This doesn’t make much sense considering the module doesn’t work anymore, but whatevs. Oh yeah, and before you start going, “LOL U DESERVE IT XD”, you should keep in mind that I haven’t even used it for months. I forgot it was even in there. I would’ve removed it had I had known this was going to happen.

So if you have gmcl_sdef2.dll anywhere in your garrysmod folder, I would suggest deleting it.

what is it?

Scriptenforcer bypass. Doesn’t work any more, though. Hasn’t for a while.

Oh right. Ban all the fuckers.

Hopefully Garry has a shitload of tricks in store for the people who will be using Sethhack when Gmod 13 is released (since apparently, The newest version of Sethhack will be released after Gmod is updated to Gmod 13)

Wasn’t the entire source code for sethhack leaked or something?
Or was that for the injector or whatever it was called?

Lolk. So let’s ban people who can’t even use their hacks anymore. Seems legit.

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Nah, the Lua was leaked. I don’t recall anything with the sourcecode being leaked, but it very well could have.

Yeah, the Lua side of SethHack v4.3 was leaked.

And yes, v5 is apparently to be released with GMod 13. There was a beta for it for GMod 12 but apparently everyones access was revoked after 4.3 was leaked.

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Whether you can use it or not you tried to and that’s enough reason for me to want you banned from my server.

Also, I don’t really mind too much that I was banned. I’ve had an extra account with GMod for quite some time. It’s really debatable whether I deserve this ban or not to be honest. Garry could’ve just as easily blocked the dll (which he did) and not ban people for having it. But then again, I suppose some people think punishment is somehow needed even though it can be avoided entirely.

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Cool. So you’re a dick is what you’re trying to say.

If I can’t hack on your server, why the fuck should you care?