Watch the World Burn (3,000th post excuse)

** Original **


Is that an eagle on his face?

Maybe I should have messed with the eye makeup…
I’ll be back in a sec.

Bloody awesome, can’t tell any flaw

Made you get 3001st post :wotwot:

3,002 :smug:

Good god that’s a lot bloom! But looks pretty nice.

Thank you for your replies and your palettes!

Castro why so serious?

because I can.

A long hair edit that went over his face like the dark knight would of been cooler,rather than the movies before it, but still amazing, nice lighting and the hair is awesome too.

I was expecting The Dark Knight.
I am not disappoint. Very nice, my child.

I tried it and I failed. :smith:


everytime i sees that nick joker i see this dude who make fool out of hisself sometimes


cant take serious aka