"Watch the world burn" Pyro walking trough the flames



Rather looks like something that should be titled “my first Photoshop” on Deviant Art.

I would have never suspected something by The Combine would look as cheap as this.

Sorry mate but it looks like you just isolated a simple Pyro pose, pasted it on a black background and then pasted on a semi-transparent picture of fire.

Thats what I did.
Nothing great I know but it makes a cool wallpaper IMO.

I have a question? What is C&C? Also, it’s quite nice :smiley:

comments and criticism

That doesn’t even look TF2.

Sorry if this is pretty lame, in my opinion it looks cool as a wallpaper.Didnt know you guys would think its that dumb.

It looks like you just took a background of flames and pasted a Pyro onto it, then reduced the opacity of the Pyro layer.

Don’t really think there’s much to critiscize besides the quality.

The Pyro even looks like he’s in a t-pose.

At least you think it’s cool, but that doesn’t mean you could post it. :effort:

It is kinda lame dude. Not as good as your usual stuff.

Haha I know what will be the next post from The Combie.

Looks pretty cheap man, you can do so much better.

Oh crap, I loled

Damn you Santz :keke:
Instead of filling this mistake with posts you could go to my other thread and post there.