Watch_Dogs models

Is it entirely possible to extract the protagonist, Aiden and other antagonists from the Disrupt engine? If so, could you tell me what program to use to be able to extract them or lead me in a direction where someone is already porting them over from Watch_Dogs?


I’m hoping to use the models in Source Filmmaker.

Cra0kalo is working on it.

He'll release the tools once people actually start using them to release cool things.


It’s not actually an entirely new engine. It’s based on the Dunia II engine, which powers Far Cry 3 and some of the Ass Creed games if I remember right. So it’s definitely possible to port from it. I remember reading in the Ports and Hacks thread that those with the tools currently don’t want to pass them around to people that won’t do anything with 'em though. Kind of a shame, I wanted to get some of the vehicle models to enhance some of my own. Guess I’ll have to wait…

A far cry 3 (xbg) format extracter has been released lately, and it works with Watch Dogs too.

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Alright thank you! :smiley:

In that case, could someone nab the Polar SUV for me? I just need the model, no bones. I’ve been meaning to borrow a few parts from it for my Chrysler Aspen project. Can’t rip it myself since I’m on a computer that’s too old to run WD at the moment.

Amazing! But how to unpack .dat files?

Hopefully someone will port/make some models such as the characters (ex. Aiden’s sister, Damian, the soldiers/gang members, etc.

Yeah that would be great.

Would any of you guys recommend any good city maps or props to build cities with in Source Filmmaker? Maps have to be HDR and I can’t find any good cities that look real. Maybe point me in the direction of any map editors that is easy to build with

Use the Dunia Unpack tools

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Source Engine comes with Hammer. You can find it in your bin folder.

Alright thank you! :smiley:

Nah, dis shit is don’t work, but thanks anyway…

I can’t seem to get the unpacker to work, it just crashes whenever I try to unpack a file. Am I missing something here?

Fixed it, had to get Gibbed.Disrupt instead

Does this get textures and rigging though?

Hopefully Cra0kalo will release his toolkit very soon.

He’s out of town. Give him time.

Going back onto your point, is it based on the more recent Ass Creed engine (which powers III and IV) or the older engine? I’ve noticed that Altair and Ezio model ports are just reskinned Desmonds, well, the ones on the SFM workshop, but Connor and Edward are much more into their own counter-parts.

I much prefer the new Ass Creed engine but the biggest bug that has stuck in is sound issues, as they don’t entirely match, and also some of the floating point and collision errors where you can find yourself under a boat or glitching into a building. I’m hoping Unity is properly fixed. (My opinion, and just a random point, really nothing to do with Watch_Dogs)

That’s literally what their faces are like in all the games with Ezio and Altaïr.

I thought it looked a lot different, especially Altaïr, I couldn’t see the difference with him and Desmond, and older Ezio (Brotherhood) I can kinda see that.

Good move on Ubisoft but maybe a lazy one?