Watching the stream when someone told me to message them for a key, Then this happened.

Made me really sad, I was so hyped.


So polite

They…are…all…scams… How many times will it take for people to face reality?

That was so sad, now I fell compelled to give you a key if I ever got one.

You have a point, Sometimes you just want to give it a chance. :slight_smile:

Sucks man.

Yeah, I would be lying if I said I had not tried a few times also.

I got this exact same message earlier while watching PlayRustWiki’s livestream. Didn’t think anything of it though because I won my key in the drawing contest a few weeks back.

Keep your head up :slight_smile: I personally would give you a key if i received one, simply because you were mature about the matter and what he did was uncalled for.

You will never get one I am sorry, I’ve been a lurker for seven years. I have yet to get one as well. Good luck see you all in another seven years.

that dude is born in 1996 he has 100% sure never got laid in his entire life… screw him man

I came, I saw, I died.

auto-erotic asphyxiation?

Lol thats pretty funny but that sucks

Maybe if you stop asking people for keys and wait like everyone else.

lol that same guy did the same with me man the same message there just some poor sods in this world, i feel sorry for that guys, he is just one frustrated men…

Solution, stop asking for keys!

he did same mesage on me too, and i dint even beg keys there

Oh snap! Playing video games and getting laid, such a strong correlation :open_mouth:

Same thing happened to me. i saw the messages and my heart just started beating really hard and then i clicked it said “beta key” as the title clicked the message and it was just that message. it made me really sad :frowning: