Watchmaking Equipment

I would really appreciate anyone making these:

  1. Most important: Tweezers.

Size Reference:,1237391156,2/stock-photo-man-s-hands-repairing-old-watch-holding-a-part-with-tweezers-isolated-on-black-26896489.jpg
If you make this, Please make it almost fully closed.

  1. Goggle: If you want, you can use a scope From the bodygrouped weapons, which has separate scopes and smooth and cut it…
    I would prefer a brass-golden-copper color, if you may.

  2. Small Cogs and Watch: You can use the Dead Ringer for that, and maybe resize and carve PHX gears…
    ~ the first picture shows them well~

If you have seen any of those anywhere, i would appreciate a link.

Thanks in advance, to whoever may make these. =]