Awesome. No CC, because I like literally everything. Even that it is generic.

I can’t see the image.


Hot damn those models.

Oh lord Metro 2033 models!

Did you make them?

sexy as hell!

Don’t want to disappoint you, but it’s just Metro mask+COD4 soldier’s body+photoshop…

Ah yeh, I thought it looked textured in PS.

Nevertheless, could you give me the link to the metro 2033 props? Even if it is just a few, they look really good!


Who watches the watchmen?
Sorry had to make that reference, Kick ass picture.

Let me guess, you went and watched that candy-ass movie with your thumb up your bum, didn’t you?

Fantastic picture, I cannot see a single flaw.

Very smooth.

Thought it was Watchmen related too actually.

I thought it was Watchmen related too, didn’t make a smart-ass quote when I saw it wasn’t though.

Bought graphic novel, it kicked ass.