Watchmen - Rorschach scene - Half-life replica (non-spoiler scene)

This is my first movie in a long time.

I downloaded the Rorschach model recently, and liked it so much that I decided to make a replicated scene from the movie with it, as best as Half-life would let me, this is the result.

Very very nice!
Great editing, looks like you really put effort into it.
Well done.

About 10 gigs worth of effort and retakes heh.

Well worth it! Great job, And great editing! Im kinda happy some good vids are here, unlike most of them that are flaling arm ragdolls…

Indeed, it would be nice to see less of that…


Capital job.

Good job, but what’s up with the blur?

That’s good, that was REALLY good.

If only it didn’t suddenly cut off at the end, it’d be perfect.


Well that was basically the end of the audio clip that I used, so I figured it was a good time to end it anyway ( after he says his line).

I put too much into this for it to fade away…

When you post stuff on the internet, prepare for it to fade into obscutiry real fast, unless you’re famous or something. The only way to offset it is to pump out masterpieces as often as possible.

I’m just trying to keep something up here that’s actually not some random video, or a lame comedy. In all honesty, I put a surprising amount of work into this, and I think people could enjoy this more than some of the other arm-flailing videos that get bumped up here all the time…

Great way to make me feel bad about my ten minute epic of arm flailing.

That was a bit of a downer on his end.

And to Wolf, I loved it, but I haven’t seen watchmen. The blur I will admit got on my nerves towards the end, but it DEFINITELY looks like you put effort into it. What map did you use, by the way?

I actually used many different maps, combined together with green screen. Some maps used were city 19, zm city strike, and some club map (forgot the name). Thanks for the comment.

Ah. Wow, I thought it was only one map. You did great nonetheless.