Water + Air

I tried make a submarine, but it always water inside, Even on a Solid Block have water inside.

Does not exists a way to put air ?

Like a Water Replacement System or a Air Mod or Anything to make a real submarine?

Water doesn’t have physics in Source and there doesn’t seem to be a way to implement it. The closest I have seen was some water particle system, but that won’t work for actual water in a lake. I have no idea if it exists, but it could be a smart idea to make an addon that just doesn’t show water within a certain area.

Well…Do you want to make a gmod prop that submerges into water? That is impossible.

If you are talking about a submarine map with hammer tool, it is easily possible.

As stated, Garrysmod does not have water physics because it uses the Source Engine. Therefore, this is imposible. There is speculation that when Half Life 2: Episode 3 comes out, Garrysmod will use the updated Source Engine which is to include DMM and Water Physics. Though, this will probably be very CPU and Graphic extensive.

Doesn’t the gravity hull designator do something like this?

No, it just makes another sort of gravity field. Say, you have a prop, zap it with the tool and you can be upside down on it, follow its rotations and not fall off it.

Just tested it, it removes the water inside, making it pretty much act like a submarine.

If you want to make a submarine without water in it, the mod is probably your best shot.

Yes worked!, but i got my Hands Shaking a lot when I’m up to a plate with Gravity Hull in it why? how fix it?