Water and Boats?

I was curious if you guys have done any thinking of adding some type of water area’s in the different area’s throughout the map.

I think this would bring a very indepth experience to the crafting and survival aspect of the game.

also because im a savage, how sweet would it be to just come bomb somebody fishing (evil i know)

  • Fishing

    • Needing to craft a Canoe (to travel only)
    • Needing to craft a fishing rod ::
    • Needing to craft a boat and catch BETTER fish
    • Needing to craft a Hook
    • Needing to craft Fishing line
    • Maybe even make some kind of cheesey net to ‘‘catch bugs’’ and add lures.
    • the fishing would operate like a ‘‘craft time’’ but actually be a chance based thing when it comes to ‘‘better fish’’ or our everyday ‘‘Fish’’

This can add a new **Food item **to the game, make a purpose for a Knife.

I also think that this is something some of us would LOVE to do as a time kill instead of running around all day.

If somebody shoots your boat and you’re below 40% you begin ‘‘sinking’’. And we need to keep the water deadly so people can ‘‘drown’’

eh idk other stuff.

any thoughts from others on this?

Not bad, I had similar ideas in one of my threads a while back, but you really expanded on it nicely. You get my thumbs up on this!

house boats! jet ski’s, apocalypse style! diving gear/diving for loot! would be much more awesomer to be able to build your own ship. something like that could probably be a whole new game entirely. Rust: Pirates, Yarr! Craftable distilleries for rum, where u have to put sugar cane in. Scattered islands and whatnot where to goal is to build a ship, sail the high seas going island to island killing and stealing all the resources the noobs gather for their own ship.

;_; these were all ideas in one of my threads too. At least they get some attention here instead :v: another thumbs up for you!

Make water ‘’ poison’’ to drink like chicken when collected from the river and not boiled in the fire, and incorporate thirst? or just make water have a use

the standard bugs to incorporate would be simple like ‘’ mosquito" and “Fly” for the lure idea’s

Attempt to fish… ‘’ pulls in seaweeds, or junk, loot? ‘’ ??? another little spin off or addition

these were some fantastic idea’s generated from my roomate