Water Caustics Texture Pack by Aurora93

Hi! Some of you may have seen my water caustics overlays in the Map Pimpage thread. If you haven’t, well, here they are.


I wondered why I didn’t give you guys an appropiate texture pack that you guys can use to add a little bit of detail to your maps.

I added a few variations to these caustics overlay textures along with the ones I had already. For those who are wondering how I made these, I used a program called “Caustics Generator”, which creates tileable and loopable caustics animations. I modified with the caustics generation settings, used a pure black foreground, rendered it, then, with the .bmps from the resulting render, I made a animated .VTF and for it’s .VMT I gave it’s texture frame rate somewhere around 40 and turned on $additive (I believe $transleucent does the same job, however I can’t remember).

tl;dr: Basically this is a small texture pack of a few animated water caustics textures you can use as overlays. Caustics are that shimmery light effects that happen when light shines through transleucent surfaces.





For those who want screenshots, see my previous links.

Feel free to use these however you want - hell, you don’t even have to credit me, I don’t really deserve it anyway.


Excellent i will use these (yes i will give you credit)

Okay, if you wish.

Can you please upload these to like www.mediafire.com or something because I cant dl from filesmelt for some reason.

Thanks again, I’ll give them some use at some point.

The site is never up for more than an hour, the guy who runs it should get a better server.

Anywhere just not filesmelt please :C

Allright, added a new link.

Thanks mate :smiley:

I remember these. Thanks!

Thanks a lot for this, I’ll be damned if I don’t give you credit for any of my uses of it. :buddy:

You’re welcome

Does it include a texture with faded edges to use as a ceiling reflection or the likes?

Yes. 2 variants I had in there had recieved their own “fade” version. There are a total of 5 texture variants in the pack, I believe.

I have a question. I don’t use overlays much, if at all regularly, is ut possible to make 1 overlay then stretch it, without making the overlay humongusly stretched? Like is thier a tiling option for the overlay? If thier is, then I’m retarded, as I can’t find it anywhere :v:

untick tl in the top bar

What top bar are you talkin bout? Also what’s tl :X

The “tl” icon on the tool bar.

Texture lock. This picture explains it pretty well: