Water Fails

When I put water in like I’m supposed to. Put a water texture on the top of the brush and tool/nodraw or something similar I don’t really remember the water is just invisible from above. Help!?

You have a leak in you’re map

Possible. I always have leaks luckily I recently learned how to easily find leaks. Thanks.

You have a leak in you are map

How does that even make sence :9

well you see, the leak is a little hole in the map. And like a blackhole, it sucks all the water out via the hole, and that’s what creates the OP’s problem.

He was pointing out a grammatical error.

Grammar nazis!

And I was pointing out what happens when you’s ( you has ) a leak in your map.

it’s “you have” not “you has” in this case.


SENSE idiot

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Oh the irony

ITT: Bad spelling

Tie the water brush to func_water_analog (I don’t know if there is such entity in HL2, but works pretty well in TF2)

Get out this thread.

Idiocy is contagious.


In This Forum.

Huh? Ok.

It was a stupid suggestion, but I fear you may not know any better, so I’ll just explain: tying to func_analogue_water forces the water texture to be a cheap shitty version. This is a common symptom of a leak that the op has and fixing the leak should fix his water.

You could of course just put a skybox across the map and hollow it out, even if you have leaks it seems to work for me. you still have to brush the top of the nodraw with water, but if the water is floating mid air, then you need to brush the sides players can see with water.

No. This is terrible optimization, do not do this. FP is having a bad day today.


Thats more like it. Say why it’s wrong, not some flaming, or something like that. And thanks, now I know why my water sometimes looks cheap, although I got it one time when experimenting with cubemaps.