Water glitch

I’m getting that notorious water glitch in my map, where it doesn’t show water but instead it messes up.


Check for leaks, make sure you have a water_lod_control.


I’ve got a water_lod_control, looking for leaks now.

You has a leak good sir.
go map-load pointfile.
that or you didnt compile with rad/dont have anything under your water

Okay, I’ve loaded the pointfile…

Now what.

now follow the red line to the city of oz, where you will find the faulty wizard that is causing the leak

I don’t trust that line, sometimes, I’ve actually had it go straight through a solid wall, and just ended in the middle of the void. It wasn’t passing through anything else.

Oh thanks, there was a wall that was 0.1 units off…


always happy to help

Although the line didn’t help at all, it was pointing at the floor, which had nothing wrong with it.


displacements don’t seal the void, neither do func_details, func_brushes, or any brush-based entities.