Water in a bucket?

Just so it LOOKS like it’s in a bucket…
No phyiscs or anything… Just like what’s on oc_harvest for Obsidian Conflict (search for it on youtube)…

Any ideas?

That looks like a prop with water texture parented to the bucket, a scaled down phx circle might work.
There must be code doing something like this in the wire holograms.

Is there any other way?
I tried that and it kept messing up…

Post your code we may be able to help

Don’t use a PHX circle, not everyone has PHX. The sign model from HL2 is a circle and you can always scale it to fit the bucket if it isn’t the right size.

Or you could do it like a pro and use the mesh functions to dynamically shape the water to the desired bucket.

Not all “Pros” do it like that, thats like creating a new entity, But using a prop and scaling it is “more performance proficient?”

I’d create a bucket model but it’s a complete solid, (not hollow) and bring the inside of the bucket down and texture the top of it with a water texture.


But I can’t model, and I can’t figure out blender so…:crying: