Water issue - reflections from other water surfaces are projected onto skybox water

So I’ve got two areas of water in my map - one in the skybox to create a sense of a limitless ocean and another in a small beach-like area.

When we load the map up, the skybox water works fine:


We go to the body of water in the map itself, and all is fine:


But when we teleport back to the area from which we view the skybox water, the reflections are replaced with the last view we had of the in-map water. This reflection is parented to our view.


Any ideas?

I’ve seen a similar issue with reflective surfaces. No idea what causes it or how to fix though :slight_smile:

Bugger, sweet as man!

Seems to be a new bug Valve created with their last update. The one that also broke Hammer for a while. Or am I mistaken? I think I’ve never seen this particular problem before.

Make sure the 3d skybox and the in game water are at the same level.

There is never an occasion where you see them both at the same time; does this still make a difference?

I’ve seen the reflections issue ages ago. It occuring on water may be a new thing.

I can confirm it’s been happening on water since at least 2010.

Ah well then I can consider myself lucky not to have run into that problem yet.

I think that might be the problem, try moving the skybox water to the same level as the main game. If not, it might be a cubemap issue.