Water Issues - Turns brown and murky when walking away

I’ve got this strange issue with water. First of all, it is a tf2 map, everything is properly lit, skybox, etc. There are two bodies of water. One makes up a sea surrounding the land, and the other is a tiny pool on land. The tiny pool turns brownish and murky when you back away from it far enough. I also noticed the reflection in the big body of water is sort of toggling between a lower and higher position as shown in the water. I imported, I believe, the lighting from dustbowl and all the other components onto my map. Along with that is a fog controller, I removed that. Nothing changed. Also, I should note, when I remove the little pool of water, all the issues with reflection go away in the sea.

You can only have one expensive body of water if the bodies are at different heights. One has to be cheap.

Thing is, I already tried making the small pool into a cheap body of water. The same issue persists

EDIT: issue goes away when they are both made into cheap water. however, i dont know how much i like the way it looks

Make them both be at the same level.

Change values in the water_lod_controller

Which ones?

Use the question megathread. This is your third question thread on the first page, and they’re all pretty simple questions that can be answered in the megathread.


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Set both higher, the values in here determine at what distance you start to see the “murky brown water”