Water Issues

I see several threads about water… but this is different from those.

When I try to add water to my map, the texture shows up in Hammer, I have a env_cubemap, and the other faces of the water are set to nodraw.
But, when I run the map, the top texture is missing, and when I go in the water, I float down, then see the underwater texture.
wtf is wrong?

Any help?


Leak? A leak in my water? hahahaha

No, really, what do you mean?

Maybe don’t set the one part of the water to nodraw?

No… the top part has the texture… the rest is unseen, so I made it nodraw… I’ll try setting all faces to the same texture… see what I get with that.

Your map has a leak in it.

ok… I’mma look for that too now…

Yes, it worked!