water lag

When ever i look at water (mapped water) get a massive amount of lag. anyone help?


I think it was a texture error since it tried loading a texture and spammed it into the console alot

i run windows a xp

Intel Celerion CPU 2.80 ghz

i have a Nvidia Geforce Fx 5200

Yeah i know its crap but im getting a new one soon. it can play the source games on high but that’s about it

That’ll be the problem then.

I don’t think your GPU can handle the shader effects required by the water textures.

Type -dxlevel 80 into launch options for GMOD. Try and post results.


Bump, please help other day i was playing Trouble in terrorist town and i was on tt_amsterville… i could hardly move.

I believe you know what the problem is already…

Upgrade your graphics card…