Water Lag

I do not understand this. On Garry’s Mod, whenever a map has any type of water, I lag very badly. I don’t play on a map with water, it is fairly good (GREAT for my computer). On other Source mods, such as Zombie Master, water loads perfectly. I even turned down the graphics on Garry’s Mod, and it hasn’t helped at all, hasn’t minimized lag, and the only difference is that I am now playing in a less detailed world.
So, do you guys know any patches, fixes, or just anything I can use to help make this lag stop?

Try going into garrysmod graphics options, and turning off the water reflections and see how it is without them.

I’ve tried that already, doesn’t help at all.

specs please

Specs? No idea what specs are.

Computer specifications, open up your run prompt by clicking on your start menu then hit run. Type dxdiag into the little box and take a picture of your first tab and display tab and post it here.

I have this same issue, there has been no useful posts so far in this thread so I’m going to revive it.

My specs:


I run Gmod in windowed mode at 1920 X 1080 and all the graphics settings are at lowest. When in a map with water if i look away from the water I get about 40 - 50 fps, when I look at the water i get 15 - less than 1 fps or less depending on how close I am. In water its find as long as I can’t see the surface of the water. Would it be possible to disable the surface skin or something similar?

Tried updating your drivers?

I haven’t. Will now, Ill edit if it works

edit: it didn’t

change to direct x7 mode to disable all complex shaders, alternatively you could find the command to enable simple water


from what i recall water sharder employ 3 different methods, envirment mapping, refraction, and reflection, environment mapping and reflection are used commonly in hl2… so…
test the morph post process, if you get the same kind of lag then you might have a problem with Fresnel sharders (refraction)

The console commands didn’t work and I’m not sure how to Change to direct x7 mode or how to test the morph post process.

Right click Garry’s mod in your steam game list->properties->launch options then type -dxlevel 70

Read the edit

changed to direct x7 mode It did increase my fps so now on gm_flatgrass2008 I get 60 fps when the water isn’t close(had 40-50 before) and about 20 when looking at the water(had < 1 before) but I can’t see underwater its all just black and the menus on the main menu don’t overlay on top of each other properly.
The console screen should be at the bottom of the stack but i opened it fist so it is at the top, options menu should be infront of the console but behind the advanced menu which should be ontop. and on the advanced menu it has the drop down bar which is behind the menu itself. The water is clear, but that’s good now I can find things underwater but it doesn’t really matter anymore since water isn’t laggy(read on).I found its just that i had my resolution too high, when it changed to direct x7 mode it started in fullscreen with low resolution and i changed it to how i normally have it(sooo much better than fullscreen) and I explained what happened already, but I decided to keep the settings as the recommended ones and run it low fps and full screen and i was getting a constant 150-200 fps. is there a way to run gmod in a 1920 x 1080 window but with a resolution of 1280 x 720?(they’re the same ratio 14:9)

edit: Actually it might have been my ratio, I ran it at full screen @ all of the 14:9 ratio resolutions(recommended settings) and it ran fine they just looked a bit squashed and hard to read then i changed it to 1920 x 1200(14:10) and It went from 150 fps(1920 x 1080) down to 6fps, my screen is set to 1920 x 1080 which is the recommended settings for it but I think its the reason why gmod doesn’t play well windowed.(does the same other 14:10 resolutions except the low ones and i get black spaces on the edges of my screen with any other 14:10 resolution except 1920 x 1080)

Resolution is just way too high man. Your comp is a top class one, but the resolution is just a bit of an overkill. Lower it.

well now its working at recommended settings @ 1920 x 1080 in fullscreen and I’m getting a good fps with most things. I haven’t tried making it a window again yet because its working and I’m fine with it :smiley: