Water lag

Hi guys me again. i really need help, some maps i go which involve water (gm_EMC for example)I lag like hell. I get a reasonably high fps of about 30 - 40. But look at this wide expanse of liquid and im bumped down to 3-4 a second.

Please help guys. I know ive already made a thread about this but its probably so far into the archives and i cant even search for it.


First thing I’d do in that case is to lower the graphic settings involving water (found in Options->Video->Advanced->Water Reflections, or something like that). It could possibly be in the map, though.

nope ive tried on the lowest setting for everything and still laggy.

Wide open maps are not well known for their optimization.

Post specs.
Start>type dxdiag.exe and enter(Vista/7)
Hit yes.
Post Processer and memory Info, go to display and Post model.

Nvidia geforce FX 5200. (i know its shit but up until now i have been getting kick ass fps)

use dxlevel 81, I had this card in 2004 when it was mid-range and it was known to be bad with DX9 but a good DX8 one

tried and it worked, thank you sir.

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actually it works slightly better but for only some water types
e.g the Harbour_2ocean_naval_b1 water is still shit