Water looks sliced.

I am making map, and I made a water in a pool with fountain and partciles.
But when I load it, Water looks sliced. Just have a look yourself. Any ideas what’s the problem?
( Cubemaps work fine)

See those lines on water?

Looks like those are the polygons of the water, or something. Now, when you say “cubemaps work fine,” do you mean you have env_cubemap entities? What are your compile options? Is the fountain and the little outcropping made of func_detail?

Are your settings on high? Are you using a water texture with “cheap” in it?

Water texture is Nature/Coast04 , Fountain is func_detailed and that little crop is a nodraw for same fountain, just works as mark where to put it. Cubemaps work fine and by that I mean reflections, Tiles reflect sky etc…

bump ?

Are the inside textures nodrawed? I’m not sure if this is even required.

Remove and re-create brush

If you put arbitrarily shaped world brushes on or in water brushes, BSP is going to cut the faces up. In your case, either parts of the fountain are cutting up the surface of the water, or the slopes on the sides are cutting. Either func_detail the brushes or remove them.

But that fountain is already func_detail
Do you mean that water can’t go through func_detail object?

I think it may be those little pillars around the edge causing the problem. See how the splits seem to come from them? func_detail them too.

oh, alright, gonna try that.


yeah that worked.