Water making walls invisible

Hello, I’m a map maker that was testing my map in single player, and when I looked at the water the pool walls became buggy and very unrealistic.
If I could get any help that would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance


I’ve had a helpful person teach me out of this (Thank you Mag) And if you want to fix this make sure NOTHING is outside your skybox. And make sure that there is no open holes or anything with your skybox.

Try a different a water texture, seal map leaks, compile your map with full vis BSP and rad.

Im a new map maker but i’ve tried lots of water textures. Im pretty sure theres no leaks and I have no clue what the full setting is on VIS BSP and RAD.
Sorry for being a newb

EDIT: I found multiple leaks in my skybox and fixed them, Thanks but i still need to know the full settings.
After edit: I loaded the game with leak fixes. Still doesent work

if the water is a func_water_analogue and has a visleaf face touching its upper face there will be problems.

Im using a brush with the top face being a water texture

Set every other face of the water brush to nodraw, check for leaks.

load pointfile to make sure there are no leaks

@Satane Thats what i’ve been doing.
@Magman77 I dont see any red lines or what the indication is. So im assuming I dont have any leaks. I also assume its from me not having a water_lod_control or a env_cupemap. I have no clue if that is a factor

it should run default values without the lod control and should reflect the skybox without cubemaps. Can you post the vmf of just the pool?

Here, https://www.dropbox.com/s/pkgnaoxajs95iid/mimtbeta.vmf?dl=0

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Oh, sorry. I didnt see you just wanted the pool.

I’m glad you sent me the whole map because there are some problems which would cause this!

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A few tips:
-You should avoid clipping brushwork with other brushwork.
-You should avoid func_detailing brushwork that is being used to seal the map
-You should learn to vary your grid size with the [ and ] keys as needed to help you properly align brushwork.
-You should try to envelop the bounding boxes of entities with brushwork so that they don’t leak.
-It looks perhaps like you’ve been manipulating geometry a lot with vertex edit? It’s good to get comfortable with this tool, but try to avoid using it for simple on-grid scaling tasks.

So is the overlapping of brushes causing the leak?

Edit: Most importantly, whats causing the water to do this?

A leak, and there are definitely a few of them.

So do i need to fix the skybox or the overlapping?

It also looks like some vertex editing/clipping tool antics have resulted in tiny hairline cracks between some brush edges.

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You need to fix the skybox.

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I fixed the skybox and cut clean edges on a lot of the brushwork then fit them back into place, and also extended some back-faces of map-sealing brushwork to accomodate bounding boxes of the models. It looks like you just need to be more careful with vertex edit and grid scales.

If your talking about the 2 story house front door. I know about it and i will fix it pronto.
After taking a look at the skybox: I found one leak and i have fixed it. If there is more (There probably is) Tell me where to find them.
As i said before I am a newb at making maps and this is my first map. I’d like to learn from mostly experience but this mess was bugging me more than anything.

I recommend just comparing between yours and the vmf in the zip from my last post, noting the tips I gave you:

Thanks for the advice and everything! I will start using this to get better.

and just to clarify, no, overlapping brushwork will not cause leaks.

muh automerge

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I didn’t fix all of the brushwork, but as a rule of thumb, just try to be tidy and make sure all your shared edges are single straight lines and not two diverging lines.

Thanks for the support. :goodjob: