Water Only Appearing on one side?

So I NoDraw the bottom and 4 sides, and applied the nature waterbed texture to the top… but… it doesn’t show up. I believe the water is upside down?

Heres a quick map I made to SS the problem


lookie no water.



Your map has a leak.

Put the water in a nodraw box.

i did nodraw all the sides except the top? wait what?

you mean like another external box thats nodraw?

No, don’t that’s the worst thing you could do. You have a leak, fix it. More here:

im pretty sure i don’t have a leak. Maybe just a small one i’ll check agian

Small one or big one, it doesn’t matter.

no leaks… what so ever… what the fuck


im new to mapping sorry guys :C

Maybe it’s your displacements, I’ve had trouble with them in the past.

Go to map>Load Pointfile, and follow the red line.

Also, make sure you’re compiling with vis on full.

You probably have an undetected leak.

Post the compile log.

Remember displacements don’t seal your map from leaks.

This is what you do


That doesn’t matter, he can make it how it likes, but the problem is that he must have a leak.