Water Physics

Something about a underwater ship, or somthing that can be able to drain water, and keep water OUTSIDE of it. And no water inside!

No. This was asked before. No.
source engine can’t handle dynamic water.

Seriously? Jeez I thought DirectX 8 engines were bad.

DirectX is a graphics rendering library. Not an engine.

No, I used to have a game that uses DirectX for a game engine. The game engine used DX8. It had water like that…

It appears computer wizard isn’t exactly what his name implies

Yea, I am. I said it uses DX8. The graphics were shit. But atleast the water worked properly with realisim.

Im not to good with games, I sell computers, fix them up, and rebuild them. And do somewhat of some programming. But not much.

Not physics.

Hold on a minute what game was that.

“Bullshit Deluxe”

And the source engine had no need for water physics, and it would have taken a much powerful computer to do it.

Was it physX cause i have it,and its free and uses DX8.

Most people have beasts…

I’ve yet to seen an enginee that can support this.

There will be one in the future…hopefully.

Water in the source engine is a brush with a water texture and a physical zone that simulates being in water. It cannot be dynamic.

Yea, It used that and DX8 it supported DX9. But I used DX8.


Yea, thats using hammer tho. In the future there might be somthing better for designing maps.

wizard, you are just making yourself look really bad. DirectX is graphics.

No source does not have dynamic water, though, there are ways of cheating water.

Thats true.

Well DOS and BIOS are totally different from 3D physics programming.


I wish you did your homework on the majority of gamers and their machines before you made your opinion. (and no a 1.5 ghz processor with a video card at 256mb is NOT a beast)

DUH, im sayin that most people who play these games normaly do. I didn’t say everyone does.