Water Problem - Different Buoyancy?

Do the different water types have different buoyancies? Or is the buoyancy of water set when the map is made?

My props float different in the same game mode in two different maps. One map has the “dirty” water and one has regular water.

Any ideas as to why and/or how to fix it?

If the buoyancy is defined by the water texture then you could create a custom texture then simply edit the .vtf to suit yourself. You could even use the same texture, change the names and edit the .vtf. I’m pretty sure they’re all supposed to have the same buoyancy though.

It’s not…

Pretty sure the buoyancy is handled the same way for every water texture.

Hmm… any idea why two different maps would make the same prop float differently in that case?

It could be the fact that there is more or less stuff for Source to think about in one of the maps, making the buoyancy differ.

No, it couldn’t be that, start making sense and know what you’re talking about before you post.

Source handles buoyancy the same for all water textures. I’ve created custom ones before, no way to configure that in the vmt.


It’s the .vmt not the .vtf that defines the characteristics of a texture.

Ok… so why is it different on my map with the “dirty” radioactive water than on the maps with clear water?

Because the radioactive water has a different vmt than any other clean water texture.


sorry, I meant that they don’t use the same shader (Water for all water textures, LightMappedGeneric for the radioactive water)

The only reason why sludge can be entered is because it has a $bottommaterial (which, strangely enough, does not exist in the GCF)

There’s nothing in the VMT that defines buoyancy…

Define “Different”

I suppose the map maker could have put a trigger_push in the water or something.

And give map names/gamemode name as well.

Buoyancy is not defined by the water .vmt. It is defined by prop wheight, properties and other physical conditions. It’s just you.

Um… that doesnt make any sense. What do you mean its just me? The same gamemode, same props, same everything. Different map. Results in props float on one map and not on the other. I can make the props float by adjusting their buoyancy ratio. But I was just trying to figure out why the buoyancy ratio of the same prop needs to change on a per-map basis. Or well, maybe not per map, but between 2 maps it needs to.

The game mode is flood, which me and a friend are re-working since the latest version is hella buggy and the version preceeding it cannot be found and the original version is lack-luster in features. The map names are flood_oldcanals (map with radioactive water) and any of the other flood maps (fm_canals_v2, fm_cliffs, etc) which all have regular water.