Water problem

I just started to actually build my first actual map that i will be using and i found a problem on testing.

When I jump inside the water and go underwater I cant see where I am, all i can see is a white screen only showing my gravity gun. When i jump up to surface i can see again.

How can i fix this?

Check your map for a leak.


Do I have to check the hole map, or do i just check the area the water is contained?

Check the entire map, just load the pointfile and that should show you where the leak is.

Or to check if a leak is your problem, do what i do, which is put the entire level in a box and compile, if the water then shows, it’s a leak, if it still doesn’t you have another problem on your hands.

(remember to get rid of the box once you’ve finished checking)

I tried loading the point file to my map but it says point file not found.


But i found a leak and I think i fixed it. Ill test my map and see if it worked.

Oh man. Here we go again … I had that problem when I first started to map. It was extremely annoying. Btw, did you carve in the map, in certain areas?

What do you mean by carve?


I fixed numerous things that could cuase this but its only when I go inside the water.

You can use a certain brush to carve in another brush. ex: you take a cube and carve in the wall, which results a wall with a cube-like hole. Anyway, have you tried some youtube tutorials?


In the last vid, at number #8 you can see the carving issue.

Please, don’t listen to this guy, carving is BAD period.

Your graphics card may not support dx9 water, if you can post your graphics card, if not, then try switching to a dx8 or dx7 water.

i figured it out, for some reason i could see the water from above(out of water) but when i went into it it went white. The problem was that I didnt have a texture for the water for some reason. All i had to do was change the water and it worked.

Uh? I didn’t say carving was GOOD. I just gave an example of carving, because he didn’t know what that meant.

Well don’t give examples of “him” we do not speak of.

You shouldn’t teach newbies the evil power of carve. Period.

Not all his tutorials are utter shit, this one I found to be pretty informative: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CouO4tqxrg&NR=1

It’s called the Valve developer community, look there for everything mapping related.

Yes they are, don’t defend him, and that isn’t a tutorial.