Water Problem

ok when ever I go under water it is extremely foggy and I can’t see. all my friends say its not foggy at all and they can see perfectly fine! not only that but all of my epesode 2 water textures are pure white on the top. can anyone tell me how I could fix this?

depends on what level of graffics you set it to, like i think Low setting on all would make you see clear water but high settings will let you see cloudy water

can anyone else help? I barely get coments on anything I post here and I still need help.

What graphics card are you using?

came standard with my dell vista computer. strangely after getting a supposedly “better” card, it made it lag on CONSTRUCT without anything spawned so I really don’t know if I want to risk wasting more money.

I get a foggy and almost completely white view underwater, but only on gm_flatwater2009. the pink and black checkerboard appears only when I’m underwater looking up. whether or not our problems are related, i don’t know.

same about the water flatgrass thing, but um I have the same problem I can barely see anything, It if very foggy and I used to have it on low settings and now i have on high it is the same.