Water problems - glitchy reflections and crashes

Ok, so I made this gigantic map filling the entire grid and in it I have water. Whats happening is that the reflections is messing up eventually causing the game to crash. When in the map it runs smoothly for a while but suddenly the game crashes everything disappears no warning and the like whatsoever, I would also like to point out that when you turn the flashlight on it happens instantly no matter what. The reflections end up looking something like this




You dont have a skybox… make one

I have a skybox, no leaks. Can it be the size of the water brushes?

You have one of them.

No I have multiple water brushes placed together, each one with a cubemap entity linked to it in the center. Is this the correct way of doing it?

I think it’s a leak. You sure you did the skybox correctly?

Why would you think that?

Does the water touch the skybox? That often causes issues.

Also, does the ocean floor merge seamlessly with the “walls” of the skybox?

I like your avatar. Its because nobody read the fact that its not your screenshot.
Shoulda made that in

Uhh. No idea. Try rebuilding the map

whats the name of the sky box your useing if you use something like “skybox/train” then it wont work but if you use Train just the name not the file then it sould work

Okay, simple solution. Post a printscreen of the wire frame saved and uploaded as a .jpeg, so the quality doesn’t degrade, and then we can use ctrl+scroll to work out where the error is.

Compile log?

Here’s the compile log as requested:

Can it be the fact that I ran it as a fast compile? If so, sorry for wasting your time.

By the way Adam quality does degrade with .jpeg as it’s a compressed format, and ctrl+scroll doesn’t really sound like the greatest idea.

In that source sdk hammer pic. it didn’t have a skybox… Make a block place it next to or if thats to time wasting all around your water but you have no skybox which is causing the water to leak.

Tying an env_cubemap to a brush is only needed when the engine can’t properly determine which brush face to assign to which cubemap in the level. You only need to assign faces if you notice cubemap reflection errors, like the reflection abruptly stops at a line and distorts to something else.

Tying a different cubemap to each brush in the same body of water will look really bad. You will have obvious lines where you can see the different reflections.


You made me laugh. :v:

The map doesn’t cover the outer edges of the grid, the limit is the map beeing atleast 1024 units within the grid right?

I’m not sure it’s supposed to have skybox/ or the * in the filename. And if you wrote .vmt in your map properties skybox menu, then that’s also a problem.

That’s not showing what he has it set as in the properties section. That’s the compile tools saying the texture it’s loading. The star shows that it’s loading all 6 textures with the similar name.