Water Question

Do all waters block out your vision with dirt and stuff when you go into them?

I found this really clear water texture, but when you go into the water, the water becomes really dirty. anyone help?

It should be one of the keyvalues.

I haven’t used hammer in a while so I might be wrong.

I mean, the water is a texture



It’s a VMT setting…

guide please :slight_smile: or show me a texture that doesn’t have blurry waters

There are two parts to a water texture - the surface texture and the underwater texture. You need to set the fogging information in the underwater texture ($bottomtexture or similar in the main texture) in order to control the fogging. I assume it’s similar for the dirt and such as well, but just different parts of the second vmt.

guide? or a texture that has clear underwater


my map (You will see the blurry underwater) http://www.wegame.com/watch/fw_pool/

That’s a 15th Century water :stuck_out_tongue: (dx 7)

use high quality waters:

i preferred water_wasteland002a its clear inside

Why u edited ur posts!!

You just need to play around with different waters… Some aren’t meant to have above waters sometimes.

i found out how to fix it. i am so smart.

If you tie your water brush to an entity " func_water_analog " it deletes the foggy affect under water.

For the future

Yeah and it makes the top of your water look like crap.

yeah, but who cares, the func_water_analog makes the top a bit transparent. If there is any other type of water that is as clear as the one im using now, tell me :slight_smile:

Just make a custom texture. They only take about a minute. You copy the VMT files from a pre-existing water texture, rename them, edit the fog line of the VMT to disable it and you’re done.

nah, this way is easier for me. I also meant clear looking into the water, and when your in the water and looking up at the edge of it when the water meets air, it is clear too

… because it’s crap and has all the refraction/reflection properties removed.

OR YOU COULD USE THE GM_CONSTRUCT WATER! (It seems like pool water to me, doesn’t look like crap, and its on everyone’s hard drive.) Crack open ‘Garrysmod content.gcf’ -> Materials -> extract ‘gm_construct’ folder into your materialsrc folder in ‘sourcesdk_content\garrysmod’. Then just search for ‘construct’ in hammer material editor.

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