Water Reflection Issues

This has never happened to me until recently, water that supports reflections does this to me,


This has happened to me on multiple maps, but doesn’t affect water that doesn’t support reflections, like this


so the problem is that the Reflections are glitching out?

I have exatly THE SAME problem!

Something in the RTT system is making the reflection RT stop updating. Seems to happen if you A) have a lot of stuff on screen or B) have your flashlight on (which uses at least one RT anyway so that makes some sense)

The odd thing is that the refraction RT always works, only the reflection does this.

I really need a fix for this, it’s really annoying.
I have the same problem.
I got the games mounted, Half life 2 episode one and two, team fortress 2 and counter strike source, day of defeat source. I verified my gamecache.
Re-Installed Garry’s mod 10. Downloaded under water purple black fixes.
Nothing helped.

I have got this in TF2 couple times.

It’s kinda annoying.

I have the exact same problem. I posted a thread about it, but due to having trouble posting pictures, I didn’t get much feedback. I also hame gm_mount2.

I’ve had this issue on every map with water that reflects, I’ve even turned off water reflections but they’re doing fucking up.

Well it only happens to me on certain maps, try simple reflections, it’ll look better than that at least.

I have the EXACT same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Apparently the problem is the module gm_queryphys.dll. Unfortunate, but I’ll have to let haza55 know. Maybe he can work out a fix.

I have that problem too, but only in gmod. I have also gm_queryphys.dll installed, but what has the physics to do with rendering of reflections?

Same problem, its the new engine glitching out

Yeah there must be something wrong with the handling of the vis leafs.

Turn off your flashlight, the water should be fixed.

No. This is not the flashlight issue. Similar, but not the same.

I have the same issue, and dont have gm_queryphys.dll

Anybody have a fix for this yet? I’m having the same issue as well, makes the map less appealing when flying around.