Water reflection problem?

There is this strange thing going in with the water reflections, and I’ve been noticing this with multiple maps I’ve played. Basically:

The water reflects and magnifies the sand? Has anyone else ever had this problem?

Oh ya a map a friend and I have been making has that problem. Since the water is underground more things get reflected, and it looks very ugly like that. We tried a couple different water textures, but it didn’t help. I havn’t seen any other maps with that problem though.

It also happens when there’s an addon that uses clipplanes to cut models when rendering.

I’m sorry to bump this thread after two weeks, but do you know specifically what addons do this by any chance?

If you suspect one of your addons might be causing it, try removing one addon after the other, making sure to test it after you delete each addon individually. Store them temporarily in a backup folder if you want to keep them later.

I have observed this problem as well, even with a clean install. It’s worst on maps that ‘end’ with water.