Water reflections looking abnormal in EP2 configuration

I’ve asked this question twice in the question thread, so here goes:

For some reason, the EP2 configuration has water-reflective floors showing up like this:

It looks like it’s additive or something, but anyways it’s only started happening recently. I can load up previous compiled maps that have used that reflective floor and they appear perfect. I can even compile the map in the screenshot in the EP1 configuration and it loads up correctly, but only the EP2 configuration is flipping out about it. I’ve tried resetting my game configurations, re-downloading Source SDK, and redownloading EP2. Any ideas?


Are cubemaps really that much of a secret to everyone?

No effect.

Bump, because this is getting very annoying. I even deleted the EP2 GCFs and EP2 folder and re-downloaded EVERYTHING.

Maybe we dont know

Show us your VMT.

Just to remind you, it works completely normal in EP1 config:

		"$fallbackmaterial" "nature/water_dx70_beneath"
	"$abovewater" 0
	"%compilewater" 1
	"%tooltexture" "reflective_floor/reflectivefloor_normal"
	"$refractamount" "1"
	"$refracttint" "{120 120 120}"

	"$reflectamount" "0.7"
	"$reflecttint" "[26 26 26]"

	"$reflecttexture" "_rt_WaterReflection"

	"$scale" "[1 1]"

	"$bumpmap" "reflective_floor/reflectivefloor_dudv"
	"$normalmap" "reflective_floor/reflectivefloor_normal"

	"$bottommaterial" "dev/dev_waterbeneath2"
	"$surfaceprop" "water"
	"$bumpframe" "0"

	"$fogenable" 0
	"$fogcolor" "{20 20 20}"
	"$fogstart" 1024.00
	"$fogend" 1024.00

Remake it, but base it off one of the water textures from Ep2.


Or just switch to the reflective surface entity that was included with OB.