Water Remover tool

i have a map and it has a lot of water

and i was hopeing if someone could make a tool so you can remove water
With a Radios of 30

Its impossible afaik, water its just a texture applied on a brush face.

If he just needs it for posing and machinima he can just use material replacement to override it with an invisible texture

Ingame or
Map Editer

if in game how

if in map editer can you do it ?
i yes i will send link to map in a min

It is done with a tool called hammer (Out of game).

No you do it in game using the Material object that you want to replace

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So i think it’s

Material(‘watertexture’):SetString(’$basetexture’, ‘invistexture’)
off the top of my head

That would remove the water texture but would I dont believe it would remove the water effects like noise and what not.

Besides working in Hammer, there really isnt a way to do it. This isnt Minecraft where you can easily remove stuff in blocks, most everything is made up of long rectangles which cannot be easily altered with lua.