Water Rendering Wrong?

Ok, this is the first time I have ever had trouble with water.

My picture enplane most of my problem.

this is what i wanted it to look like.

For some reason when you walk away from the stairs you will see the floor rocks clearer and the stair’s rocks disappear.

PS: The pictures where taken of the SAME stairs at the SAME map.

Any help much appreciated!

You can’t have more than one plane of water in a PVS using water other than Cheap water.

Could you please explain in more detail, PVS? Is there any way to fix this ,or should I get rid of the water?

Either use a cheap texture (not recommended), PVS = Player Visibility Set, or what they can see from standing in x. Basically you can’t have multiple planes of water if their in the same area and visible from each other.

Just use cheap water with refractive properties.