It seems that any time I have water touching the skybox texture on my map, the lighting seems to go fullbright whenever I look at the water. However, turning on the flashlight fixes the problem. Can water not be directly touching the skybox or am I doing something else wrong?

just don’t let the water touch the skybox, problem solved.

Cool, thanks (I guess I should have tried that :\ …)


No, that didn’t fix it. Does the water need to be covered on the bottom and sides?


Something has to be around the water, 'cept the top. Also, make sure only the top layer is water texture and the rest are nodraw.

Alright, I had the nodraw thing already and I covered the sides and bottom, but I still have the problem. Could it just be my computer?


There is a displacement that passes through it, could that be the problem?

Imagine the displacement dipping into the water, that’s what I have.

Nothing wrong with that, how else are maps made with bumpy underwater terrain.
I don’t know how to fix it, but that i know that isn’t the problem.

Have you ensured there are no leaks and that your box of water is sealed?
that can cause that problem.

I’m pretty sure there are no leaks, the compile log has no errors and the box the water is in is solid. It’s also not touching the skybox.


Do you want to see the VMF?

compile and go to http://www.interlopers.net/errors/ and paste the compile log in there, it will tell you everything that is wrong wit the map.

Map>Load Pointfile.
If it asks to load the default pointfile, you have a leak. Follow the line.

It doesn’t ask to load a default pointfile, and the one I can load is from an older map of mine.


That looks helpful for future problems, but the only problems I have are: fastvis=true (they said that wasn’t a problem) and “zero area child patch” (which they said is ignorable).

I think it may just be my computer because there are some other maps (like gm_construct) that have that problem, but only on my computer. I bet it’s my mobile graphics card screwing things up.

Is your map compiled with HDR on? If so, turn it off. Or add a Tonemap Controller to your map. See if that works.

The tonemap controller helped. Thanks!