Water Texture Issues??

Well, this sucks, i cant make a good map using water textures…it gets to building visleafs is gets about around 8… and suddenly i get a error telling me failed to find 16777 bytes everytime…like WTF is wrong with this?

how much RAM do you have?

also, buildvisleafs crashing means you need to raise your lightmap sclaes. Click the “camera” in the top left corner of your 3d view, and select lightmap grid. Select faces that don’t have detailed shadows (detailed shadows would be soemething like the floor while the sun is shining through a roof with many holes in it, not detailed would be a brush where there is only 1 shading on it) and raise the lightmap scale to 64 (on the face edit sheet)

i have 4 gbs, and ive done that, it still fails D: