Water texture problem.

Can anyone see this video and then tell me what’s wrong?

The water looks good if you are out, but if you go underwater, the surface looks shitty.
And if someone can give me another water texture…

Whats the texture name, where did you get it, are you using dx8 or 7?

Would help if you posted more detail.

That looks alright to me…the water is clear with a bluish tint. What were you expecting?

I get it from here: http://www.mediafire.com/?royjdzy2ooo
I asked 223344 if he can give me the water textures of his map (gm_excess_construct)

The file was deleted or something.

I tried to get the texture with pakrat, but it looks pink&black…

Did you place an env_cubemap over the water and built the cubemaps?

Yes, I placed an env_cubemap and a water_lod_control, and yes, I built the cubemaps…
I think that the texture don’t work… and I can’t find any site to download it…
And I found the same water texture in gmod.org, but it looks pink and black.

Wait… you placed a water_lod_control?


My bad, I was mixing it up with a func_water_analog.

That looks like the very low priority water from de_nuke.

If it’s a custom texture, it’s probably lacking the VMT attribute that prevents the underside from being culled.

Water_lod_control is only useful if you want to set the distance in which the water becomes cheap water manually. (optimization)

The pink and black checkers is either caused by lack of cubemaps (as stated before). Or there might be something wrong in the .vmt.