water texture problem

this shows up on almost all my maps and i hate it is there any fix???

The maps are made by you, correct? Maybe use a different water texture?

no no no this is on all the maps i play on i took this picture from gm_construct

Have you tried removing textures/materials you have downloaded? Or maybe some addons?

its always been like that since i got the game

What are your settings on your Garry’s Mod?

Have you tried verifying the integrity of the game cache? Reinstalling? Maybe try looking for a fix on google if you have done both of those.

What graphics card are you using?

how do i know what card im using
and settings for what?

Video settings, in Options. And for the card you can give us a snapshot of Speccy.

wtf is speccy


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i cant make it 9

There is your solution I guess. Get a better graphics card if you don’t want to keep dealing with this problem.

Here’s my water texture issue:

Connected to a server:


In game singal player, exact same spot


Help please?