Water Texture

So I’m screwing around with Hammer to make a map for me and a couple friends to play on, and I wanted to know what one of the prettiest water textures is, because they all look alike in the texture menu. If it’s custom, can you post a link? I don’t have CSS, DoDS, or TF2

You will have to download the materials but the majority of them contain virus’ so don’t do it.

From what I understand the best ones look pink or purple in the material browser.
And use cube maps.

Try using the sc#1 ?

I was saying that I would like to know what water texture looks the best out of the ones that are not from the games I listed, goot


does sc stand for something?

Just make a map with all the textures in different spots and use cube maps and test it out.
Shouldn’t take to long to make a map with a ton of different textured blocks.

The tf2 one is prettiest by far, the vtf isn’t copyrighted either, as valve just used a filter in photoshop and then used a normal map filter.

The dev_water textures are good too

Materials can’t contain viruses.

But the containing folders do have viruses

No they don’t. Unless you get them off of shitty sites. Just look and make sure you only have .vmt, and .vtf files.


I can give you a list of decent water textures but they’re all HL2 so they arn’t exactly “pretty”.
Dev2: Good visibility, Semi low reflect (it’s all broken up), Dark Green Blue colour
Canals Water Clear: Great Visibility, Green Grass colour
Dev5: Good Visibility, Dark Green colour