Water Textures Acting Strange


Source water should not look like this. I can see almost all the way down unless it’s really deep, much farther than the fog when I’m actually in the water. The textures are very ugly and simple.
What am I doing wrong? Could this have anything to do with my DirectX level? (It’s 10, but I have to tell Gmod it’s 8 to run the game)

You have very bad graphics…

That’s why I’m asking. Don’t post if all you can do is restate the blindingly obvious.

Well that’s it, the reason why everything is so low poly and crappy textures is because you have bad graphics, get a new card is the only option to fix it.

Then why does the water look normal in all my other source games?

Garrysmod uses orange box engine, which is more enhanced than Halflife, CSS, DOD so those games are more fit to your graphics card, but GMOD is higher level graphics.

All my games use the orange box engine. It probably has to do with me being forced to tell Gmod I’m using DX 8, when my computer has 10. How do I do that?

Gmod uses the latest version of SourceSDK
Episode 2 i think and if you dont have ep2 then its your gfx

I have all that.

Reinstall Gmod
Make a new gmod folder
Reinstall Steam
Or you’ve downloaded something.

DX8 water doesn’t look like that at all.

Reinstall or verify EP2, etc

I’m most likely thinking that it’s the directx 8 which is causing the water to look like that. Try going in options and make sure that water quality is on highest and update video drivers.

I had same problem, add “-dxlevel 81”(ithink it is) to gmod on oen startup, should fix

“Could this have anything to do with my DirectX level? (It’s 10, but I have to tell Gmod it’s 8 to run the game)”

This, durrrrrrrrrrrrr

I’ve put in "-DXlevel 81, as suggested. It’s a little improved, but still not normal.

-DXlevel 9.0 ?

Erm why does it matter if your water is crappy looking?

Why does my operating system look so pretty?