Water Textures not showing

I have NO leaks. My water doesn’t show up, I spawn. Then i fallinto the water. And theres nothing there. Any ideas to how i could fix this??

I also tried using other textures. Still nothing.

That’s probably a leak. Happened to me several times. Just make sure your map is fully closed.

there isn’t a leak, i tryed loading the point file. says not erors. I checked everytihng myself. Theres no holes anywhere.

If you can load the pointfile, there’s a leak, because there’s only ever a pointfile when there is one.

Make sure you have no more than two bodies of water with the same texture. If there are, make a water_analog_control. Make sure you have a water_lod_control, too. And an env_cubemap on top of the water.

Also, don’t use *DX or *underwater water textures.

NO, i couldn’t load it. There wasn’t one.

You yourself said different.


Then it’s probably this. Try to pick another water texture, make sure they’re not DX or underwater.

Heres any easy fix, surround the whole area of the map with a hollow box and make it a black texture, there will not be any leaks if you do not have any light outside of the blackbox.


Got lod_water control, or something of sorts?

Dont like that idea. Ive tried it…Makes my map take to long to compile. The last time I started doing that, my map took 2 hours to compile.

Did You put VVIS to fast or normal? Setting VVis to fast may affect your water to be invisible

Two words. Compile Log.

If the water brush is sealing the leak, the compile tools won’t create a pointfile. Try deleting all water and see if will make one.

Worst idea ever.
If you do think about doing this, then don’t do it.

Lol, no.